In my class we are currently working on the process of printmaking. Students are exploring Relief, Planographic and Collagraphic printmaking techniques. Students will use these techniques along with the incorporation of Art Elements and Principles of Design in order to create a final piece of artwork.

In an effort to make my lessons more authentic in the area of Discipline and to better engage students in core practices, I will explore re-purposing my opening and closing ceremonies. This feels relevant because sometimes my opening and closing ceremonies are not art related at all and it can feel like a disconnect. How can I support my students knowledge of the arts through opening and closing ceremonies?

I anticipate making every opening and closing ceremony related to arts and or the techniques/styles that we focus on, to be challenging. It will be difficult because that is a lot to think about but with time and space I now I can do it and make it fun. For example I thought about having students play charades with art elements and principles of design.