Tamia Flowers
Lana Garcia

I am happy to report and reflect upon the newly renovated unit plan for exploring Graffiti in my art classes. Providing students with multiple forms to explore, based on their own personal preference, proved to be beneficial. All students were engaged in this project and were intrinsically motivated to complete the project. Students created stickers, heaven spots, sculptures, tags, stencils and street art. Students made personal connections to their culture, identity, feminism, inspirational messages, community and beautifying spaces. In order to elicit conversation about connections we held opening ceremonies with questions about beliefs on topics about personality, community and global issues; examples pollution, hobbies and school beautification.

In the P.D. course I attended, we discussed the use of rubrics and its’ clarity. I decided to collaborate with each of my classes in order to have them more accountable for their progress and success. The process was interesting because I got to hear what students thought about criteria for artwork. I will definitely continue to work with my students to help determine the criteria for the standards in art class. I think, based on the end results and high grades from most if not all students, using this process was successful.