Welcome to the Authenticity Project!  This space was created to provide a venue for educators within the ESA community to share our practice with one another as well as to connect with educators everywhere who share our passion for designing meaningful, relevant, and empowering learning opportunities for all students.

While we explore how to make learning more authentic for our students, we aim to apply the same principles to our learning as adult professionals.  To that end, we hope that sharing our practice publicly will help us to connect our work to an authentic audience whether it be the broader ESA faculty, other schools in New York City, or educators the world over.

Ultimately, the Authenticity Project is intended to be a project.  And in doing it, we expect to learn from our mistakes, our successes, and each other.  We hope to gather feedback and revise the process over time.  And lastly, we hope to contribute something of value:  to foster a learning community at ESA that is collaborative, innovative, and intellectually vibrant for both students and adults alike, and to serve as an example for how other schools might do the same.